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Peter Nicolai Arbo-Haakon den gode.jpg
Hákon the Good, by Peter Nicolai Arbo. The name Haakon is mostly known for being the name of several Norwegian kings.
Meaning"High Son" from (high, chosen) and konr (son, descendant, kin)[1][2]
Other names
Related namesHakon, Håkon, Haquin, Haqvin

Haakon, also spelled Håkon (in Norway), Hakon (in Denmark), Håkan (in Sweden),[3] or Hákon, is an older spelling of the modern Norwegian form of the Old Norwegian masculine first name Hákon meaning "High Son" from (high, chosen) and konr (son, descendant, kin). An old English form is Hacon as in Haconby, Hacon's Village.

Haakon was the name of seven kings of Norway (see Norwegian royalty).

Other uses of Haakon or Håkon:


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