Haakon Bugge Mahrt

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Haakon Bugge Mahrt (1901–1990) was a Norwegian writer and attaché.

He was born in Vardø and took the licencié ès lettres degree in Paris in 1928. He worked at the Norwegian embassy in Paris as a press attaché from 1946 to 1971. Books include Modernisme (1931), Kjære Europa (1932), Orkanen (1936), Bitter té (1945), Dikteren og eventyreren Arthur Rimbaud (1945) and Rømlingen fra Vardøhus (1961).[1] He also translated John Steinbeck's novels "Of Mice and Men" and "Tortilla Flat" into Norwegian[2][3] and is credited as one of the script writers for the 1948 French-Norwegian film "Kampen om tungtvannet."[4][5]