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HA anx s
in hieroglyphs

Haankhes (ḥ3-ˁnḫ=s, "may she live"[2]) was an ancient Egyptian queen consort of the 17th dynasty, likely a wife of Pharaoh Sekhemre-Heruhirmaat Intef.[3]

She is only known from a stela of her son Prince Ameni. The stela was found in Koptos and it may be originally from Dendera; one half of it is in the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology,[4] the other is in the Pushkin Museum. Ameni married Princess Sobekemheb, a daughter of Sobekemsaf I and Nubemhat.[3]

Her only known title is "King's wife" (ḥmt-nỉswt).[1]


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