Haar Jeet (TV series)

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Haar Jeet
Genre Drama
Created by Shashi Sumeet Productions
Written by Bhavna Vyas
Damini K Shetty
Shashi Mittal
Shobbit Jaiswal
Seema Mantri
Anantika Sahir
Manish Shrivastav
Directed by Hemant R Prabhu
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Hindi
No. of episodes 139
Producer(s) Shashi Mittal
Sumeet Hukamchand Mittal
Cinematography Sudesh Kotain
Shailesh Anikindi
Running time 24 minutes
Production company(s) Shashi Sumeet Productions
Original network Imagine TV
Picture format 576i (SDTV)
Original release 3 October 2011 – 12 April 2012

Haar Jeet was an Indian drama aired on Imagine TV. It premiered on 3 October 2011 and finished on 12 April 2012.

When children become a source of income… it is the childhood that gets lost.

Parents always dream that their children should grow up to be successful. It brings them a great sense of joy to see their children doing well. But sometimes the parent’s dream can turn into a nightmare for the children. Parents become pushy and start living their dreams through their children. Worse, they push the child towards success so that they can personally benefit from it. Nowhere is this more stark than in the glamorous world of TV.


Haar Jeet revolves around two girls who happen to be cousins, Ishita Gupta and Mihika Gupta. Ishita is a young television actress and lives in Mumbai and is extremely popular whereas Mihika lives in Sahranpur and leads a normal life but she loves dancing. During a dance competition in her school, a plot is hatched by three girls who are jealous of Mihika; Tanisha, Nayantara and Shanaya. She slips but quickly gets up and wins the competition. This angers Nayantara, Shanaya and Tanisha deeply. Meanwhile, Mihika's father gets caught in an adulteration scandal and decides to flee the city with Mihika, his wife, mother and sister. Mihika is sad because she will leave her best friend, Tarana, who was the ex best friend of Shanaya. They go to Mumbai and Mihika also gets involved in the acting world and rises to fame in a dance competition but her sweet and loving relationship with her sister like cousin, Ishita. In a car accident, Ishita's father, Mihika's parents and bua die only leaving Dadi, Ishita's mother, Ishita and Mihika. Ishita loves a boy called Sahil who is Mihika's fiancé. Ishita plots against Mihika with the help of Shanaya, who explained her childhood hatred for Mihika. Mihika marries Sahil and he also falls in love with her. Ishita realizes her mistake and she falls in love again to a boy named Harshvardhan who is Sahil's maternal cousin! Shanaya apologizes to Mihika and they become good friends. Mihika again encounters her childhood best friend, Tarana who is now married and has twin girls, Deepika and Aaliya. Everything ends on a good note with Mihika and Sahil giving birth to a baby boy, Yashvardhan who they lovingly call Yash. Ishita and Harshvardhan "Harsh" have a girl who they christen Anushka.

All is well. In the end, there is a ten-year leap and a family photo is hung on the wall which has Sahil, Mihika, Yashvardhan, Ishita, Harshvardhan, Anushka and another boy and girl possibly the children of either Mihika or Ishita. It is shown that Mihika who always wanted to become a star let her younger daughter, Anika, become an actress. Anika is very successful and famous but Ishita didn't want either her daughter, Anushka, or son Kabir to enter the world. Anika is called "Superstar Anika" and Anika shares a brilliant bond with Shanaya. In the end, Shanaya and Anika are shown sitting together and Shanaya telling Anika about "Haar Jeet"