Haarlem railway station

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Station Haarlem Hoofdgebouw.jpg
Location Netherlands
Coordinates 52°23′16″N 4°38′20″E / 52.38778°N 4.63889°E / 52.38778; 4.63889Coordinates: 52°23′16″N 4°38′20″E / 52.38778°N 4.63889°E / 52.38778; 4.63889
Operated by Nederlandse Spoorwegen
Line(s) Amsterdam–Rotterdam railway
Haarlem–Uitgeest railway
Haarlem–Zandvoort railway
Platforms 6
Other information
Station code Hlm
Opened 1839
Preceding station   Nederlandse Spoorwegen   Following station
NS Intercity 2100
toward Dordrecht
NS Intercity 2200
2x/hour; Not on late evenings and early Sunday mornings
Terminus NS Intercity 3400
2x/hour; Weekdays morning rush hours only
One-way operation
NS Intercity 3400
2x/hour; Weekdays evening rush hours only
toward Alkmaar
toward Zandvoort
NS Sprinter 5400
NS Sprinter 6300
2x/hour; Not on evenings and weekends
NS Sprinter 6300
2x/hour; Evenings and weekends only
NS Sprinter 14800
2x/hour, but only 1x/hour Alkmaar-Hoorn on evenings
toward Hoorn
toward Zandvoort
NS Sprinter 15400
2x/hour; Beach season only
Haarlem railway station is located in Randstad
Haarlem railway station

Haarlem is a railway station in the Netherlands, located in the city of Haarlem on the Amsterdam–Rotterdam railway, the original train line linking Amsterdam to Zandvoort and Amsterdam to Leiden. The station building itself is a rijksmonument. The municipality of Haarlem is currently working on a plan to upgrade the area near the railway station (Masterplan Spoorzone).


The first, wooden station was built on the Oude Weg, just outside the Amsterdamse Poort in 1839 to accommodate the passengers of the first railway in the Netherlands between Haarlem and Amsterdam, which had a rail width of 2 meters.[1] The station was built outside the city, on the current location of the Centrale Werkplaats (maintenance depot) of the Hollandsche IJzeren Spoorweg-Maatschappij. At great expense, the rail width was later reduced to 1.435 meters in order to conform to George Stephenson's standard gauge.[1] The train engine "De Snelheid" was the twin of the Amsterdam "Arend", which along with the carriages, were designed by Stephenson's apprentice, the English rail engineer Thomas Longridge Gooch of R.B. Longridge & Co.[1] There were 4 trains per day to Amsterdam, scheduled at 9:00, 14:00, 16:00, and 18:00. The prices of the tickets for 1st (closed carriage), 2nd, and 3rd class (char-à-banc) were 1.20, 80c, and 40c (guilders).[1] A few years later the new railway turned out to be a great success, and in 1842 a real station was built on the current location. It was designed by F.W. Conrad in a semi-Greek neo-classicistic style. The front of the building was open to the street.


In 1867 the station was re-designed by P.J. Mouthaan; an extra floor was put on the building and the front of the building was now closed as well.

Haarlem station main entrance today
1842 neo-classical station by F.W. Conrad
Inside Haarlem station today

Current station[edit]

The current building was built between 1906 and 1908. The design is by D.A.N. Margadant. It was elevated, to make way for the traffic in the city. It is the only train station in the Netherlands that is built in Art Nouveau style.

Train services[edit]

The following train services currently call at Haarlem:

  • 2x per hour intercity service Amsterdam - Haarlem - Leiden - The Hague
  • 2x per hour intercity service Amsterdam - Haarlem - Leiden - The Hague - Rotterdam - Dordrecht
  • 2x per hour intercity service Alkmaar - Haarlem (Only on weekdays rush hours in the peak direction)
  • 2x per hour local service (sprinter) Hoorn - Alkmaar - Uitgeest - Haarlem - Amsterdam
  • 2x per hour local service (sprinter) Zandvoort - Haarlem - Amsterdam
  • 2x per hour local service (sprinter) The Hague - Leiden - Haarlem
  • 2x per hour local service (sprinter) Zandvoort - Haarlem (summer only)

Bus services[edit]

All services except line 50 are operated by Connexxion, line 50 is operated by Arriva.

  • 2 Haarlem Noord - Station - Spaarnwoude
  • 3 IJmuiden - Driehuis - Velserbroek - Haarlem Noord - Station - Schalkwijk
  • 8 Haarlem - Hogeschool Inholland - Overveen - Haarlem
  • 14 Heemstede-Aerdenhout - Haarlem - Haarlem Noord - Spaarndam
  • 15 Station - Waarderpolder - Spaarnwoude
  • 50 Haarlem - Heemstede - Bennebroek - Hillegom - Lisse - Sassenheim - Leiden
  • 73 Uitgeest - Heemskerk - Beverwijk - Velserbroek - Haarlem Noord - Haarlem - Schalkwijk
  • 75 IJmuiden aan Zee - IJmuiden - Driehuis - Haarlem Noord - Haarlem
  • 81 Haarlem - Bloemendaal aan Zee - Zandvoort
  • 84 Haarlem - Bloemendaal aan Zee - Zandvoort
  • 140 Haarlem - Heemstede - Hoofddorp - Aalsmeer - Uithoorn
  • 175 Haarlem - Amstelveen - Amsterdam Bijlmer ArenA
  • 176 Haarlem - VU - Amsterdam Zuid
  • 177 Haarlem - Badhoevedorp (- Schiphol Oost)
  • 277 IJmuiden - Haarlem - Schiphol Airport (peak hours only)
  • 300 Haarlem - Schalkwijk - Vijfhuizen - Hoofddorp - Schiphol Airport - Amstelveen - Amsterdam Bijlmer ArenA




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