Ulmus × hollandica 'Haarlemensis'

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Ulmus × hollandica
Ulmus campestris Haerlemensis (Spr.).jpg
'Haarlemensis' before 1912
Hybrid parentage U. glabra × U. minor
Cultivar 'Haarlemensis'
Origin Netherlands

The elm cultivar Ulmus × hollandica 'Haarlemensis', said to have been grown from seed c.1880 from a hybrid parent tree, was first listed by Springer as U. campestris haarlemensis in 1912.[1][2]


A slow-growing tree, forming an unbroken, broad pyramidal crown, with small, glossy, dark-green leaves persisting for several weeks longer than most in autumn.[3]


Saplings grown from seed by Haarlem head forester J. Kollerie were first planted along a new canal in the city in 1891.[2] An U. campestris 'Haarlemensis' was cultivated in the Poort Bulten Arboretum in the 20th century (see External Links). No specimens are known to survive.


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