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state owned
Production output
422.4 million liters (2011)[1]
RevenueVND 3,416.2 billion (2011)[1]
VND 962 billion (2011)[1]
OwnerMinistry of Industry and Trade Vietnam, Carlsberg Group
Websiteofficial website

Habeco (also HABECO, Hanoi Beer Alcohol and Beverage Joint Stock Corp., Vietnamese: Tổng công ty Cổ phần Bia – Rượu – Nước giải khát Hà Nội) is a beverage company headquartered in Hanoi, Vietnam. It is the third largest beer company in Vietnam[2] and owner of the brands Hanoi Beer and Truc Bach Beer. It is under the ownership and authority of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Vietnam and has a strategic partnership with Carlsberg Group, which owns more than 10% of the company's shares as of November 2012.[3] Habeco produced 422.4 million liters of beer and sold 413.5 million liters in 2011, an increase of 4% and 2.3% from 2010.[1]


Vietnam's Ministry of Trade and Industry owns 83% of the companies' shares as of November 2012.[3] Carlsberg Group acquired shares during Habeco's initial public offering in March 2008[3] and held 15.8% as of 2012.[2] The Ministry asked Habeco to sell another 13% to Carlsberg to expand the companies' strategic partnership in November 2012.[3]

Market Share and Competitors[edit]

Habeco's market share was 13.9% in 2010.[2] Its main competitors are Sabeco (also owned by the Ministry of Industry and Trade) (51.4%) and Vietnam Brewery Ltd (VBL, 29.7%), a joint-venture between Heineken Asia Pacific and Saigon Trading Group (Satra).[2]


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