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Häberlin, anglicized Haberlin or Haeberlin, is a Germanic surname common in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.The roots of Haeberlin last name come from Swabians, a baltic population that was mixed with Germans and that during the years reached the "Swabian Sea" (ancient name of the Constance Lake). One of the probably meanings of Haeberlin is "little oat" (Haeber mean "oat") with a double signified: "bakers" as a letteral signified and also as a symbolic signified (as "masons" in "masonry" but also as "beth"-"lehem" that in Jewish language mean "the home of the bread"). Through widespread diffusion of ethnic Germans during the late 1700s to early 1900s across Northeastern Europe, as well as from German refugees fleeing Nazi oppression, the name is also common in countries such as the Czech Republic, Poland, and Lithuania. The name has its origins in an Old German term meaning 'grower of oats'. In Switzerland it is often rendered as Haeberli. It may refer to:

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