Habib Bank Plaza

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Habib Bank Plaza
Habib Bank Plaza.jpeg
General information
Type Bank
Completed 1963[1]
Roof 101 m (331 ft)[1]
Technical details
Floor count 22[1]
Design and construction
Architect Leo A. Daly

Habib Bank Plaza, located in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan,[2] is the head office of Habib Bank. It was the tallest building in South Asia and Pakistan upon completion in 1963. It remained the tallest building for four decades until the 116m tall[3] MCB Tower was completed in 2005. However, even after the MCB Tower, the Habib Bank Plaza is the fourth tallest building in Karachi today and the ninth tallest in Pakistan.


Pakistan's tallest building from as per engineer dev. v 1988 until 2005. After 2005, MCB Landmark plaza became the tallest building of Pakistan with 29 floors[3] and a helipad on top. Habib Bank Plaza has 22 floors.


  • Architect: Leo A Daly
  • Construction Companies: Haydari Construction Company Limited, Haydari Boring and Piling Company Limited and Abbas Builders Limited (all part of The Habib Group)
  • Head office of HBL.
  • It was Pakistan's tallest building from 1963 until 2005.
  • The bank remained the tallest building for 42 years until MCB Tower was completed in 2005.[4]
  • Tallest Building in South Asia for 7 Years, from 1963 to 1970.[4] When the 156m tall MVRDC were completed in Mumbai.
  • Tallest Building in Asia for 5 Years, from 1963 to 1968 until the completion of Kasumigaseki Building in Tokyo Japan.
  • Habib Bank Plaza is the Eleventh highest building in Karachi today.
  • Chief Engineer was Khaja Inayath Ullah.

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