Habib Bank Plaza

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Habib Bank Plaza
Habib Bank Plaza Karachi.JPG
General information
Type Bank
Completed 1972[1]
Roof 101 m (331 ft)[2][3]
Technical details
Floor count 22[2]
Design and construction
Architect Leo A. Daly

Habib Bank Plaza (now HBL Plaza), located in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan,[4] is the head office of Habib Bank. It was the tallest building in Asia while still under construction between 1963-68. It was also the tallest building in South Asia until its completion in 1972.[5] It remained the tallest building in Pakistan for four decades until the 116m tall[6] MCB Tower was built.

The Habib Bank Plaza remained Pakistan's tallest building for 42 years until MCB Tower was completed in 2005.[7]

After 2005, MCB's landmark tower became the tallest building of Pakistan with 29 floors[6] and a helipad on top.

The Ruet-e-Hilal Committee has regularly used the building over the years to call the meeting for moon sighting.[8][9]

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