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Habib Wahid
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Native name
হাবিব ওয়াহিদ
Born (1979-10-15) 15 October 1979 (age 39)
Alma materSchool of Audio Engineering
Years active2003–present
Known for
  • Lubyana (m. 2003; div. 2003)
  • Rehan Chowdhury (m. 2011; div. 2017)
Musical career
  • Keyboards
  • Vocals
  • Guitar
Associated acts

Habib Wahid (born October 15, 1979) is a Bangladeshi composer, musician and singer. He works on modern Pop music, EDM and a fusion of traditional Bengali folk music with contemporary techno and urban beats. His music is mainly influenced by British Bangladeshis, while he was living in the UK as a student.[citation needed] He is the son of the 1970s singer Ferdous Wahid. He has also produced music in Indian Bengali movies. He won Bangladesh National Film Award for Best Music Director for the film Projapoti (2011).

Early life[edit]

Habib Wahid was born and brought up in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He attended South Breeze School in Dhanmondi. His father, Ferdous Wahid, was a pop singer during the 1970s and 1980s. A few years later, he went to England in pursuit of higher education and studied music and audio engineering at the School of Audio Engineering in London. He is also a solo singer.[1]


2003: Debut with Krishno[edit]

Habib Wahid started working with other Asian music producers such as Karsh Kale while in the UK. Wahid was already working as a music producer, however he needed a vocalist to develop his new album. While living in London, he found the vocalist Kaya, a Sylheti restaurant owner, who would collaborate with him on the album.[2] In 2003, Wahid released his first album Krishno, a collaborative effort with Wahid producing the music while Kaya sang. The album proved to be a success in Britain and Bangladesh. The album Krishno was a fusion of folk and modern electronic music, introducing a new genre to the Dhaka music arena.

2004–2014: Successful albums and soundtracks[edit]

In the next few years, he released six albums — Maya (2004), Moina Go (2005), Shono (2006), Panjabiwala (2007), Bolchi Tomake (2008) and O Bosheshe (2008). In order to keep the Bangladeshi music growing, Wahid would usually introduce new artists in his albums. Besides Kaya, he has showcased singers such as Helal, Julee, Nirjhor, Shireen and Nancy in these albums. Wahid debuted as a vocalist in his album Moina Go where he sang two tracks, Din Gelo and Esho Brishti Namai. He also featured his father, Ferdous Wahid, as a singer in his albums. On June 1, 2011 Wahid's 8th album Ahoban! was released.[3] The album consists of 9 tracks in which three are duet songs with Nancy and Kona and one track was sung by Ferdous Wahid. Wahid has released another album named Shadhin in December 2012.

In addition to his solo albums, Wahid also has released collaborative albums as well. Similar to how Krishno heavily featured Kaya,[2] Maya also featured Kaya and Helal. In 2007, Wahid released the album Panjabiwala with Shireen Jawad.[4] After featuring him on a number of tracks in different albums, Habib Wahid released a collaborative album with his father Ferdous Wahid, O Bosheshe, in 2008.[5] Later with the label Deadline Music, Wahid would release Somorpon with Aurthohin & Warfaze in 2011,[6] as well as Rong with Nancy in 2012.[7]

Besides album work, Wahid created a number of jingles for the products of Banglalink, Citycell, Pran-up, Meril Beauty Soap and others.

He also has composed songs for different film soundtracks such as Hridoyer Kotha, Akash Chowa Bhalobasha, Chandragrohon, I Love You, Eito Prem, Third Person Singular Number, Amar Ache Jol, and many others. Wahid makes songs that "has the essence from the roots of Bangla music", says Kumar Bishwajit while recording a song under the direction of Wahid in a movie called Projapoti.

Wahid performed his first concert in Melbourne on 26 May 2012 and another one in Sydney on 3 June 2012.

2015–present: Singles and new projects[edit]

Habib Wahid began a new chapter in his career with the release of his debut single, "Hariye Fela Bhalobasha", an R&B/Soul song.[8] Wahid described this new chapter as a result of an evolved music market, saying that since his audience often buys his songs for ringtones, he can earn good profits from releasing one single at a time rather than an entire album.[9] Later in the summer of 2015, Wahid released his second single "Mon Ghumay Re", a world song that blends rock, folk and electronic music.[10] Wahid also performed at Bangla Beats in 2015, a concert in the UK promoting Bangla music and culture along with other artists including Ferdous Wahid, Nancy, Hridoy Khan and Mumzy Stranger. Wahid also produced the single "Cholo Bangladesh" for Grameenphone, a promotional song for the 2015 Cricket World Cup sung by rock musicians Zohad and Emil.[11] Additional production for the track was done by Pritom Hasan,[11] a musician who would work with Wahid and release his own music in the future.

Wahid began 2016 with the single "Tomar Akash", a pop song.[12] In the summer Wahid released another single, "Moner Thikana", a love song written and produced by himself.[13] A month later Wahid released "Beporawa Mon", a single that would later be used in the film Ami Tomar Hote Chai.[14] Wahid also released other singles from different visual media, such as "Meghe Dhaka Shohor" from the TV serial of the same name[15] and "Tumi Amar" from the film Sultana Bibiana,[16] a duet with Nancy and additionally produced by Pritom Hasan. Later in 2016, Wahid released the single "Ei Bangla Ei Manush" for the World Bank's End Poverty Day campaign.[17] The song is about the people of Bangladesh, and the success they have gotten in the ongoing fight against poverty.

To begin 2017, Wahid released his single "Tumi Hina", released independently through his label HW Productions. Wahid later released his single, "Mitthe Noy", on Valentine's Day.[9] In contrast to the slow R&B songs that he just released, Wahid's "Ghum" is an upbeat pop electronic song which released in Spring 2017.[18] In the summer, Wahid released the single "Golaper Din", which features frequent collaborator Nancy.[19]

Personal life[edit]

Wahid first married Lubyana in 2003, and got divorced in the same year.[20] In 2011, he married Rehana Chowdhury which also ended up in divorce in January 2017.[21][22] Together they have a son Alim (b. 2012).[20] Habib had a relationship with model Tanjin Tisha (2016-2017)


Studio Albums[edit]

Solo Albums[edit]

Year Name Label Reference
2005 Moina Go Ektaar Music [23][24]
2006 Shono Laser Vision [24][25]
2008 Bolchi Tomake Sangeeta [24][26]
2011 Ahoban! Deadline Music [3][27]
2012 Shadhin [28]

Collaborative Albums[edit]

Year Name Other Artists Label Reference
2003 Krishno Kaya Ektaar Music [2][29]
2004 Maya Kaya & Helal [24]
2007 Panjabiwala Shireen Jawad Laser Vision [4]
2008 O Bosheshe Ferdous Wahid Sangeeta [30][5]
2011 Somorpon Aurthohin & Warfaze Deadline Music [6]
2012 Rong Nancy [7]

Compilation Albums[edit]

Year Name Label Reference
2009 Obosheshe Sangeeta [31]


Year Name Label Notes Reference
2015 "Hariye Fela Bhalobasha" Sangeeta Feat.Peya Bipasha [32][8]
"Mon Ghumay Re" Multisourcing Ltd [10]
2016 "Tomar Akash" Robi Yonder [33][9]
"Moner Thikana" Multisourcing Ltd Feat. Sarlina; Lyrics by Riddhi [9][13]
"Beporawa Mon" Unlimited Audio Video Feat. Tanjin Tisha [9]
"Meghe Dhaka Shohor" (with Nirjhor) CD Choice Featured in the 2015 TV serial Meghe Dhaka Shohor; Lyrics by Zahid Akbar [15]
"Tumi Amar" (with Nancy) From the soundtrack Sultana Bibiana [16]
"Ei Bangla Ei Manush" Sangeeta Released for the World Bank's End Poverty Day; Lyrics by Sharmin Sultana Sumi From Chirkutt [17][34]
2017 "Tumi Hina" HW Productions Lyrics by Minar Rahman [9]
"Mitthe Noy" Dhruba Music Station Lyrics by Shafiq Tuhin
"Ghum" Sangeeta Feat. Rafiath Rashid Mithila; Lyrics by Shuhrid Sufiyan [18]
"Golaper Din" (featuring Nancy) HW Productions Lyrics by Shuhrid Sufiyan [19]
"Tor E Janalay" (with Nancy) [35]
2018 "Cholo Na" Gaanchill Music Music composed by Fuad ;Feat. Sarlina Hossain [36]


Year Nominated work Category Award Result Notes Citation
2006 Habib Wahid Best Singer (Male) Meril Prothom Alo Awards Won "Valobashbo Bashbo Re" from Hridoyer Kotha
2008 Habib Wahid Best Singer (Male) Meril Prothom Alo Awards Won Bolchi Tomake
2009 Habib Wahid Best Singer (Male) Meril Prothom Alo Awards Won "Dwidha" from Third Person Singular Number [37]
2010 Habib Wahid Best Singer (Male) Meril Prothom Alo Awards Won "Projapoti" from Projapoti [38]
2011 Habib Wahid Best Music Director National Film Awards Won Projapoti [39]
2012 Habib Wahid Best Singer (Male) Meril Prothom Alo Awards Won Shadhin


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