Habib al-Ajami

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Habib al-Ajami
Born7th or 8th Century
DiedMarch 738 A.D. (3 Rabi us Saani 120 Hijri)
Venerated inIslam

Habib ibn Muhammad al-‘Ajami al-Basri (Arabic: حبيب بن محمد العجمي البصري‎) known also as Habib al-Ajami (حبيب العجمي) and Habib al-Farsi (حبيب الفارسي) was a Muslim sufi (mystic), saint, and traditionalist of Persian descent.

Habib al-Ajami settled in Basra. He was an usurer by profession. He later renounced worldly life and became a mystic. He was known for performing miracles.

He is a disciple of Hasan al-Basri. His disciple is Daawūd al-Tai. [1]

His shrine is in Basra.


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