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Habibi or Habeebi may refer to:

Adjective (Arabic)[edit]

  • Habib حبيبي (male) / Habibti حبيبتى (female), is an Arabic word used to describe someone the speaker likes or loves. A close English counterpart is "my darling" or "sweetie". The phrase is also very popular in the Hebrew language as a part of slang.



  • Habibi (band), an American band from Brooklyn, New York.
  • "Habibi", a song by the band System 7 from their 1991 album System 7
  • "Habibi", a Danish band located in Skjern. Members: Michael Hovaldt(lead singer), Martin Holm Hansen(guitar), Thomas Ulriksen(bass) and Lasse Lykke Nielsen(drums)
  • "Habibi", a song by Orange Blossom from their 2004 album Everything Must Change
  • "Habibi" a song by the artist Rola Saad
  • "Habibi" a song by the Dutch rock band De Staat from the album Wait For Evolution
  • "Habibi", a song by Maître Gims from his 2015 album Mon coeur avait raison
  • "Habibi I Love You", a song by Ahmed Chawki featuring Pitbull produced by RedOne Released in September 2013
  • "Habibi (I Need Your Love)", 2014 song by Shaggy/Mohombi/Faydee/Costi
  • "Habibi (je t'aime)" a song by the group Milk & Honey
  • "Habibi (Sawah)", by Alabina's lead singer Ishtar (a cover of "Sawah" by Abdel Halim Hafez)
  • "Habibi Ya", a love song by the Egyptian pop singer Mohamed Fouad from his album Habibi Ya
  • "Habibi Yah Habibi, a well-known Hebrew zemer of Asher Mizrahi
  • " Habibi" new song from "Azis"
  • " Habibi" a song by familiar serbian artists Stefan Djuric(Rasta)

Habibi new song from maître gims

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  • Habib / Habeeb, male name