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Habibi or Habeebi may refer to:

Noun (Arabic)[edit]

  • Habibi حبيبي (male) / Habibati or Habibti حبيبتى (female), is an Arabic word used to describe someone the speaker likes or loves. It literally means my beloved, and is normally used between close friends of any gender or between couples romantically involved. A close English counterpart is "my friend/bro/sis" when used between friends, or "my love/babe/baby" when used romantically. Typically used as a term of endearment.



  • "Habibi", a song by the band System 7 from their 1991 album System 7
  • "Habibi", a song by Orange Blossom from their 2004 album Everything Must Change
  • "Habibi", a song by the artist Rola Saad
  • "Habibi", a song in English by the Dutch rock band De Staat from their 2009 album Wait for Evolution
  • "Habibi", a song by Maître Gims from his 2015 album Mon coeur avait raison
  • "Habibi", a song by Booba from his 2015 album Nero Nemesis
  • "Habibi I Love You", a 2013 song by Ahmed Chawki featuring Pitbull produced by RedOne
  • "Habibi (I Need Your Love)", 2014 song by Shaggy/Mohombi/Faydee/Costi
  • "Habibi (Je t'aime)", a song by the group Milk & Honey from their 2007 album Elbi
  • "Habibi (Sawah)", by Alabina's lead singer Ishtar (a cover of "Sawah" by Abdel Halim Hafez)
  • "Habibi Ya", a love song by the Egyptian pop singer Mohamed Fouad from his album Habibi Ya
  • "Habibi Yah Habibi (Hebrew: חֲבִיבִי יָהּ חֲבִיבִי), a well-known Hebrew zemer of Asher Mizrahi
  • "Habibi" ("Хабиби"), a 2015 song in Bulgarian by Bulgarian singer Azis
  • "Habibi", a song by familiar Serbian artists Stefan Djuric (Rasta)
  • "Habibi", a song from Korean hip-hop singer Sik-K's new mini-album [Flip]
  • "habibi", a song by The Ben


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  • Habib / Habeeb, male name