Habsburg-occupied Serbia (1686–91)

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Habsburg-occupied Serbia

StatusTerritory of the Habsburg Monarchy
Common languagesSerbian, German
Roman Catholic,
Serbian Orthodox
GovernmentMilitary administration
Historical eraEarly modern period
• Habsburg occupation
• Habsburg withdrawal
10 September 1691
ISO 3166 codeRS
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Ottoman Empire
Military Frontier
Ottoman Empire

Habsburg-occupied Serbia refers to the period between 1686 and 1691 of the Great Turkish War (1683–99), during which the territory of present-day Serbia (which was de jure Ottoman territory) was occupied by the Habsburg Monarchy.


Habsburg conquest of the territory of present-day Serbia started in 1686, with the conquest of north-eastern parts of Bačka. At the time, these territories were contested between the Kingdom of Hungary and the Ottoman Empire. By 1688, the Habsburgs controlled western parts of present-day Vojvodina, as well as some areas in the south of the rivers Sava and Danube, while in 1690, Habsburg-controlled area included much of the territory of present-day Serbia. Belgrade was captured after a five-week siege in 1688 (See: Siege of Belgrade (1688)). The Ottomans recaptured the city in 1690 (See: Siege of Belgrade (1690))

The Habsburg withdrawal from the territory of present-day Serbia ran in parallel with the Great Serbian Migrations into the lands of the Habsburg Monarchy.[1] It was followed by the Treaty of Karlowitz in 1699 (signed in Sremski Karlovci in present-day northern Serbia), under which the Serbian nation and territory of present-day Serbia were divided between the Ottoman Empire and the Habsburgs. According to the Treaty, most of the territory of present-day Serbia remained within the Ottoman Empire, while the region of Bačka and part of the region of Syrmia were assigned to the Habsburg Monarchy.

Additional parts of the territory of present-day Serbia were again placed under Habsburg administration (military rule) after 1718, when a tributary Habsburg Kingdom of Serbia was established.

Serbian Militia[edit]

Habsburg commanders[edit]

The Habsburg commanders in charge in the territory of present-day Serbia were:[2]

  • Ludwig Wilhelm von Baden (6 Sep 1689 until 24 Sep 1689)
  • Giovanni Norberto Piccolomini (from 24 Sep 1689 until December 1689)
  • Georg Christian von Braunschweig (until the withdrawal from southern parts of the territory of present-day Serbia 10 Sep 1691)

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