Hachijō Subprefecture

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The location of Hachijo Subprefecture

Hachijō Subprefecture (八丈支庁, Hachijō-shichō) is a subprefecture of Tokyo Metropolis, Japan. The organization of government belongs to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau Of General Affairs. Hachijō includes the following towns and villages in the Izu Islands:

The subprefecture has an area of 78.6 square km, with a population of 8,790.

Additionally, Hachijō includes the four southernmost Izu Islands, which are uninhabited. These islands currently do not belong to any municipality; both Hachijō and Aogashima claim administrative rights. From north to south, the islands are:

Among the islands of the subprefecture, only Hachijōjima and Aogashima are inhabited.

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Coordinates: 33°06′36″N 139°47′21″E / 33.109916°N 139.789056°E / 33.109916; 139.789056