Hachinohe Rinkai Railway Line

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Hachinohe Rinkai Line
Hachirin DD56 1 B.jpg
DD56 diesel locomotive
TypeHeavy rail (freight)
LocaleAomori Prefecture, Japan
TerminiHachinohe Freight Terminal
OpenedMarch 25, 1966
OwnerAomori Prefecture
Operator(s)Hachinohe Rinkai Tetsudō
Line length8.5 km (5.3 mi)
Track gauge3 ft 6 in (1,067 mm)
Route map
Nanbu Rail Line (defunct)
Tōhoku Shinkansen
Aoimori Railway Line
HachinoheTōhoku Main Line
0.0 Hachinohe Freight Terminal
Hachinohe Line
Hachinohe Rinkai Railway Line
Kita-Hachinohe Signal
Hachinohe Line
8.5 Kitanuma

The Hachinohe Rinkai Railway Line (八戸臨海鉄道線, Hachinohe Rinkai Tetsudō-sen) is a Japanese freight-only industrial railway line between Hachinohe Freight Terminal and Kitanuma Station, all within Hachinohe, Aomori.


The Hachinohe Rinkai Railway began operations on March 25, 1966, to connect the Port of Hachinohe with a nearby Mitsubishi Paper Mill Ltd. factory. The line was funded and operated by the prefectural government of Aomori Prefecture. On December 1, 1970, in compliance with the Local Railways Law, operations of the line were turned over to the third sector Hachinohe Rinkai Railway (八戸臨海鉄道, Hachinohe Rinkai Tetsudō, "Hachinohe Seaside Railway"). Transport of containers began in 1986.

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