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Hackensack RiverWalk a is partially constructed greenway along the Newark Bay and Hackensack River on the west side of the Bergen Neck peninsula in Hudson County, New Jersey.[1][2] The eight mile walkway, following (where possible) the contour of the water's edge, will run between the southern tip at Bergen Point, where it may connect to the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway, and Eastern Brackish Marsh in the north. Existing parks and promenades have been incorporated and some new sections have been built, but there remain large gaps. There is a RiverWalk in the city of Hackensack,[3] sometimes called the Hackensack RiverWalk, but they are not part of the same project nor are they connected. A parallel walkway on the west banks of the river is known as the Meadow Path.[4]


South 40°39′06″N 74°08′19″W / 40.6518°N 74.1385°W / 40.6518; -74.1385 -40°47′24″N 74°02′49″W / 40.79°N 74.047°W / 40.79; -74.047 North

Bayonne Bridge in Bayonne
The CRRNJ Newark Bay Bridge, demolished in the 1980s, crossed to Elizabethport, seen in the distance.
Newark Bay, as seen from Bayonne

The walkway will connect the following municipalities and pass through established residential neighborhoods, industrial areas, commercial districts, and nature preserves, some of which are part of the Hackensack Meadowlands.[5] It will pass under sixteen bridges (some no longer used) and cross over eight natural creeks.

The Bergen Point section of the city the Newark Bay waterfront is characterized by maritime, industrial, and retail uses. The center and northern part of the waterfront contains major parks which are not connected to each other, with residential streets from Kennedy Boulevard ending at the bay. Rutkowksi Park, a wetlands preservation area in the city's northwestern corner (south of the city line) is the city's newest public green space.[6]

Points of interest[edit]

Rutkowski Park walkway
Society Hill at Droyer's Point
Lincoln Park and Pulaski Skyway
Upper Hack Lift from Secaucus
Snake Hill
Mill Creek Point Board Walkway

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