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Hacker T. Dog
CBBC character
Hacker is a border Terrier
First appearance5 January 2009
Created byCBBC
Portrayed byAndy Heath
(Series one of Scoop only, 2009)
Phil Fletcher (2009–present)
In-universe information

Hacker T. Dog (born 27 October) is a British television presenter.[1] He is a Border Terrier.[2][3] He was born and lives in Wigan.[4][5] He is the half-brother of Dodge T. Dog and is the son of Mrs. T. Dog (his father is never mentioned or seen).


Hacker was introduced as a character of the CBBC television programme Scoop, performed by Andy Heath. The character became popular, and was appointed as a weekday-presenter of the CBBC office, in May 2009, now performed by Phil Fletcher. His "half-brother" Dodge T. Dog joined the following year. In July, he began presenting on weekdays with Scottish comedian Iain Stirling.[6] He presented with Stirling until his departure in 2013, when they began presenting with Chris Johnson.[7]

In 2011, Hacker was given a solo presenting role on a separate chat show titled Hacker Time.[8]

The character took a hiatus from CBBC in April 2014, which rumours speculating that he had left to film the fourth series of Hacker Time. During his absence, numerous guest presenters filled in for him during his usual weekday afternoon slot. Hacker returned temporarily on 24 May 2014, before making a permanent return on 18 June 2014.

Hacker is very fond of TV presenter Sue Barker and mentions her often in the CBBC HQ.[9][10] In 2009 Hacker was the mascot for the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championship.[11][12][13][14]

Hacker is known for saying ‘cockers’ - a Northern term for ‘mate’.[15]

In other media[edit]

Hacker, Barry Davies and Amberley Lobo provided CBBC commentary on the Russia v Belgium match at the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Hacker appeared on an episode of Celebrity Mastermind on Saturday, 3 January 2018. He came in second place and lost to TV chef Paul Rankin. His specialist subject being the Pet Shop Boys.[16]

A Hacker T. Dog plush puppet was released in 2015 and made by Kidz Kreations, and sold in Argos and The Entertainer. There were plans for other merchandise which unfortunately fell through.

Social media[edit]

Hacker gained an official Twitter account in 2014, which as of May 2020 has over 42 thousand followers. An Instagram account was eventually created in April 2019, followed by an official YouTube channel. These social media channels are run by both Phil Fletcher and the BBC social media team.


Year Title Role Notes
2009–2011 Scoop Himself
2009–present CBBC Himself
2011–2016 Hacker Time Himself Presenter, 63 episodes
2013, 2016 Sam & Mark's Big Friday Wind-Up Himself
2014 Wimbledon 2day Himself
2015 Wimbledon Himself
Hacker's Birthday Bash: 30 Years of Children's BBC Himself Main role
2015–2017 The Dog Ate My Homework Himself 5 appearances
All Over the Place Himself
2016 Horrible Histories: Gory Games Himself Contestant
Hacker's Olympic Rundown Himself Main role
Celebrity Mastermind Himself Contestant; 2nd place
Hacker's Crackers Himself Main role
Zig and Zag's Zogcasts Himself Guest; episode 17
2017 BBC Election Wrap Himself
2017–2019 Saturday Mash-Up! Himself Presenter
2018 Remotely Funny Himself Contestant
2020 Pointless Celebrities Himself Contestant; children's TV special

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