Hada Chauhan

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Hada/Handa are a branch of the Chauhan community. They claim descent from the mythological Solar dynasty.[1] They live in Hadoti and once ruled the states of Bundi, Jhalawar and Kota.


Hada Chauhan's claim descent from Bisaldev Chauhan, son of Harshraj and grandson of Manik Rai of Sambhar (Rajasthan), who was a descendant of Anal Chauhan. His progeny was Anuraj who reigned at Hansi and he defeated Sabutkegin.,[1] they ruled at Hansi in times of Jaipal Tuar of Delhi. and a branch ruled at Goval-kund (Golkonda), later driven out by Patans. They conquered Asir in times of Ashtipal Chauhan, Asir was lost to raids of Mahmud Gajni. Chandkarn was son of Asthipal and his sons Hamirdeo and Gambhir Chauhan were generals of Prithviraj Chauhan.[citation needed]


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