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Region of originLevant, Mesopotamia
Other names
Variant form(s)Hadodo

Haddad or Hadad (Aramaic: ܚܕܕ, Hebrew: חדד; Arabic: حداد‎) is an ancient Middle Eastern family name originating in Aramaic.[1] Hadad was also a Semitic storm-god.[2]

The original Haddad (Aramaic: ܚܕܕ or ܚܕܐܕ) surname means blacksmith in Semitic languages. It is commonly used in the Canaan region and in Algeria.[3] In the Aramaic-Turoyo dialect, the Haddads are also known as "Hadodo ܚܕܕܐ". People with the surname Hadodo, are usually Assyrians from Tur Abdin. Although ancestry of the last name varies due to migration, there exists a variety of origins, and not all of the name carriers share the same blood line.

Note that most of the Israeli surnames mentioned below were adopted by European Jewish immigrants during the period known as Hebraization of surnames (i.e. Canaanization of surnames) starting in the 1920s-on.

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