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Haddock (software)

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Developer(s)Simon Marlow
Initial releaseMay 1, 2002
Stable release
2.25.0[1] Edit this on Wikidata / 2 March 2021; 3 years ago (2 March 2021)
Written inHaskell
Operating systemCross-platform
Platformx86, PowerPC
TypeDocumentation generation
LicenseBSD-style license

Haddock is a free, portable[2] command-line program documentation generator for Haskell.



It is influenced by IDoc,[3] HDoc,[4] and Doxygen.[5] It produces hyperlinked HTML files from annotated Haskell (the documentation is embedded in comments) source files, with additional information extracted from type annotations; it supports only partially generating documentation in SGML.[6] It is often used in conjunction with darcs and Cabal. It is dependent on Glasgow Haskell Compiler (GHC), using a modified form of the HsParser (written in Happy) parser for Haskell included in GHC.[6] Its lightweight markup is based on IDoc's.[6] Haddock is contained in the Haskell Platform.

It is used by the GHC, Gtk2Hs and HTk projects,[7] as well as xmonad.[citation needed]

Here is an example of Haddock markup:

 -- | This is the documentation for 'square', which
 --   uses the (*) operator from "Prelude".
 --   It multiplies the @x@ argument against itself.
 square :: Integer -> Integer
 square x = x*x


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