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AUS map with named state corners
Track to Haddon Corner

Haddon Corner [1] is the north-eastern corner of the state of South Australia, where it meets with the border of Queensland. The point is located in the outback Channel Country district.

It was first surveyed by Augustus Poeppel in 1880. Haddon Corner lies at the intersection of the 26th parallel south circle of latitude and the 141st meridian.

Heritage listings[edit]

Haddon Corner is a heritage-listed site, having been listed on the Queensland Heritage Register in 2012.[2]


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Corners in Australia
Name Surveyor Generals Poeppel Haddon Cameron MacCabe
States WA/NT/SA NT/SA/Qld SA/Qld SA/Qld/NSW SA/Vic/NSW

Coordinates: 25°59′47″S 140°59′58″E / 25.99637644°S 140.99939430°E / -25.99637644; 140.99939430