Hadero Lake

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Hadero Lake
Location Thatta District, Sindh
Coordinates 24°49′42″N 67°51′37″E / 24.82833°N 67.86028°E / 24.82833; 67.86028
Basin countries Pakistan

Hadero Lake (Urdu: ہڈیری جھیل‎) is located in Thatta District, Sindh, Hudero is important brackish water wetland of Sindh, where variety of waterfowl prefer to pass their time. It is at Hudero that one is more likely to see Swans, Storks, Crans and feeding flocks of Pelicans. It is considered one of the favourite lake of orionthologist. Hudero was declared wildlife sanctuary with objects to conserve and protect the natural environment in and around the lake for different migratory and resident birds. Lake Hudero is situated at 24 49'N and 67 52'E. It lies about 85 km to the east of Karachi. This lake was originally declared a Game Sanctuary under Section 15 of the West Pakistan Wildlife Protection Ordinance 1959 in 1971. In 1977 it was declared as Wildlife Sanctuary under a notification by Government of Sindh. At the time of declaration if protected area local people were allowed to catch fish from lake do not have the right to disturb the birds in winter season. Hudero is set on the edge of stony desert. It is a natural lake in a shallow depression. It has a surface area of 1321 hectars ( 5 Sq. Miles ). Among the fauna except than fishes, waterfowl on the lake are fairly large number because of comparatively less disturbed condition. Also waders and cormorants are common. The lake owned by the Government . It was initially protected for shooting purpose in 1971 but keeping in view it potential and birds varieties ultimately it got the status of wildlife sanctuary. Because of its fish resources and on it dependency of local Mirbhar (fishermen) fishing was allowed for their livelihood. For regular monitoring of wetland resources Sindh Wildlife Department has provided a facility of residential quarters for sanctuary staff, which consists of one Sanctuary Assistant, and six Game Watchers.Pakistan.[1]


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