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Hades Publications
Status Active
Founded 2000
Founder Brian Hades (Publisher)
Country of origin  Canada
Headquarters location Calgary, Alberta
Distribution North America
Fiction genres Science fiction
Imprints Absolute Xpress
Edge Science Fiction & Fantasy
Dragon Moon Press
Trickster Books
Official website Edgewebsite.com

Hades Publications is a publishing company owned by Brian Hades that focuses on Science Fiction and Fantasy literature. The company publishes under four different imprints and is currently the largest dedicated Canadian Publisher of Science Fiction and Fantasy.[1]


Brian Hades spent a great deal of time in the performing arts prior to starting Trickster Books in 1999, a line of Books, Manuals, Manuscripts and Posters on Magic, Illusion, Conjuring and Variety Arts.[2]

A year later he started Hades Publications and his second imprint, Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing. The vision was "to encourage, produce and promote thought-provoking and well written science fiction and fantasy literature." [3]

In 2007, Hades Publications entered into a partnership with Red Deer-based Dragoon Moon Press. This made Hades Publications the largest dedicated Canadian publisher of Science Fiction and Fantasy. This imprint remains independent but utilizes Hades Publications distribution channels.[4](Announced on August 18, 2007)

In 2009, Hades Publications entered into the POD and E-book market with a new imprint Absolute XPress. It started as an all encompassing imprint publishing many different genres, but nearing the 1 year anniversary the press changed focus returning to Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror.[5] [needs update] This imprint has been closed to submissions for over a year now (as of August 2011).

The First Book
Calgary author Marie Jakober's The Black Chalice was the first book to be published by Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing. It has won three major awards [6][7] and garnered high praise from reviewers and readers alike.[8][9]

Notable authors and works[edit]

Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy

Absolute XPress


Hades Publications has four book imprints, all of which are based in Canada.

  • Absolute Xpress
  • Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing (includes the Award Winning Tesseracts Anthology and defunct imprint)
  • Dragon Moon Press
  • Trickster Books

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