Hades Records

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Hades Records
Logo hades bw.jpg
GenreHip hop
Country of originRomania
Official websitewww.hadesrecords.com

Hades Records was one of the first Romanian independent Hip-hop labels, based in Bucharest.

The artist roster included (alphabetically), B.R.G., Cast, Criss Blaziny, Da Hood, Dagga, Dribbler, Funktastics, Interventii Lirice, KaTaNa, Kazi Ploae, Keri, KST, U.S.M., Veritasaga, and Zeppelin.

Hades Records emerged at the end of 2000, with the goal of getting the voice of new artists heard.

By the end of 2003, just three years into the industry, more than 300 concerts have been held all over Romania under the Hades Records umbrella, alongside to a number of compilations and promo albums having been released independently.

In 2006 Hades Records spawned a side-entity called Hades Events, dedicated to producing Hip-hop events.

Allegedly, on the Hades Records Forum registered users freely commented on the Romanian and International Hip Hop Scene, though a significant number of complaints have been recorded from users which have been censored due to mocking the label's artists.

After the Label shut down its activity in 2011, the forum stood online maintaining its bustle and kept attention until 2013 when it moved temporarily to another host named www.totnoi.ro.

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