Hadewych of Meer

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The Blessed Hadewych, O.Praem., (c. 1150 – 14 April 1200?) a.k.a. Hadewig or Hedwig, was abbess of the Premonstratensian monastery of Meer, (now part of Meerbusch) in modern North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. She was the daughter of Count Lothair of Meer and St. Hildegund. After her father's death, she accompanied her mother on a pilgrimage to Rome. Upon their return, about 1178, they both took religious vows as nuns and converted the family castle into a monastery. She succeeded her mother as abbess in 1183.

Her brother, St. Hermann Joseph, was a canon regular of the same order and served as provost of the Premonstratensian abbey of Steinfeld, in the Diocese of Münster, from 1171–1210. There he developed widespread fame as a mystic.


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