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For the village in Iran, see Hadi, Iran.

Hadi (هادی) is a Muslim masculine given name, which means a guide, leader or calm in Arabic. It is also the name of the one of the 12 Shia Imams and therefore popular in Lebanon, Iraq and Iran, it may refer to:

Hadi the caste[edit]

Hadi is a caste which is situated in west-south area of gujarat.They are  mainly stay in sea coast area.They are only in junagadh district.Their population is very less compare to other.

They are HINDU by religion. As per government record presently they belongs to schedule caste.They were called as HADI HARIJAN but after the survey and their effort they are now known as just HADI. Their litracy ratio is very low.They used to work in fish company. The place where they live is commanly known as "HADI VAAS". Their main populations are in veraval,kodinar,chorwad,mangrol,porbandar and regional area and surrounding villages.Most of this people are non-vegetarian.

Lifestyle of hadi people[edit]


And many other..

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