Hadj Abderrahmane

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not to be confused with Slimane Hadj Abderrahmane
Hadj Abderrahmane
Inspector Tahar.jpg
Born 1941
Télemly, Algiers, Algeria
Died 1981
Paris, France
Occupation Actor

Hadj Abderrahmane (1941 - October 5, 1981) was an Algerian actor from Télemly, Algiers.[1] He was best known for his portrayal of Inspector Tahar alongside his shorter sidekick Yahia Ben Mabrouk, in the Adventures of Inspector Tahar film comedy series in the late 1960s and 1970s.


Abderrahmane began as a technical operator and cameraman. Before embarking on the adventures of Inspector Tahar, he appeared in the theatre with Allel El Mouhib, who was his drama teacher.

Abderrahmane played the monk in the play Montserrat by Emmanuel Robles. He was a parish priest in Fusils de la mère Carare. His social life, his childhood, his nature, and his deepest feelings were related to the drama but the performance was seen as comical overall.

In 1967 he starred as Inspector Taher in the film L'Inspecteur mène l'enquête, directed by Moussa Haddad which spawned several sequels, including Les Vacances de l'inspecteur Tahar (1973) and L'inspecteur marque le but (1977).

He was preparing to shoot Le cadavre du domaine when he died on October 5, 1981 in Paris.


Hadj Abderrahmane and Yahia Benmabrouk in 1974.