Hadhramaut Governorate

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Hadramaut in Yemen.svg
Country Yemen
Seat Mukalla
 • Governor Major General Ahmad Bin Bourek
 • Total 191,737 km2 (74,030 sq mi)
Population (2011)[1]
 • Total 1,255,000
 • Density 6.5/km2 (17/sq mi)
The Arabian peninsula in 1914

Hadhramaut or Hadramawt (Arabic: حضرموت‎‎ Ḥaḍramawt) is a governorate of Yemen. Lying within the large historical region of Hadhramaut, it is the country's largest governorate.

The capital of Hadhramut is the city of Mukalla. Other cities in Hadhramaut include the historical towns of Shibam, Sena, Seiyun, Tarim, and Ash Shihr. It was badly hit by rainfall during the 2008 Yemen floods, which left thousands homeless and many buildings shattered.

The Socotra archipelago was part of Hadhramaut Governorate from 2004 (when it was moved from the 'Adan Governorate) to December 2013 when it formed the newly created Soqatra Governorate.


After the creation of separate Socotra Governorate in December 2013, only 28 districts remain in Hadramaut Governorate:

Two districts have formed the new Socotra Governorate since December 2013:


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Coordinates: 16°40′N 49°30′E / 16.667°N 49.500°E / 16.667; 49.500