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Haebangchon (Hangul: 해방촌 Hanja: ) (Haebang - meaning: freedom or liberation, and Chon - meaning: village) is a district of Yongsan-gu, in Seoul, South Korea. The neighborhood's close proximity to Itaewon and the Yongsan Garrison US Army facility has made the area popular for expatriates and for military residents. In recent years, the area has become a haven for English language teachers from a variety of English speaking nations. The neighborhood is also home to a significant Filipino, Nigerian, and to a lesser extent, Russian community.

As a neighborhood, Haebangchon has become the 'new' area in Yongsan to open or establish a new business which is in large part due to the attention that the Haebangchon Music festival has brought to the area. Since 2006 the area has increased from a handful of pubs and restaurants into a street with over 30 unique restaurants, pubs, service shops, studios, and bakeries.

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