Haeundae Beach

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Haeundae Beach

Haeundae BeachKorean해운대해수욕장; Hanja海雲臺海水浴場)is an urban beach in Busan, South Korea. Often dubbed[by whom?] one of the country's most famous and popular beaches, it is located in the eponymous Haeundae District.[1][better source needed]

The beach is open year-round, and various festivals are held there throughout the year. A popular beach event, "Polar Bear Club", during which participants bathe in near freezing water, has been held annually since 1988 in January.[2] The beach also features a number of e-sports events designed to promote Blizzard games including StarCraft.[3]

Haeundae is closely associated with cinema, as it partly hosts the Busan International Film Festival, and was featured prominently in the 2009 disaster film Tidal Wave.[4]

Haeundae Beach and LCT The Sharp


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Coordinates: 35°09′29″N 129°09′30″E / 35.1581°N 129.1584°E / 35.1581; 129.1584