Hafëz Jusuf Azemi

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Hafëz Jusuf Azemi[a] (born in Dobrošte) was a Balli Kombëtar fighter from the Dobrošte unit.[1][2] Having survived World War II and the onslaught of the Yugoslav Partisans, Azemi was forced into exile in the United States. While in exile, Azemi continued fighting for the rights and freedom of Albanians in Yugoslavia. Along with Abas Ermenji, Azemi helped form the Union of Kosovars (Lidhja Kosovare) as well as many other Albanian organisations in the United States.[3][4]


a.   ^ Albanian spelling: Hafëz Jusuf Azemi, Serbo-Croat spelling: Hafez Jusuf Azemi, Хафез Јусуф Аземи.