Hafada piercing

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Lorum piercing 2.jpg
Location scrotum
Jewelry Barbell, captive bead ring

A hafada piercing is a surface piercing located anywhere on the skin of the scrotum.[1] This piercing does not penetrate deep into the scrotum, and due to the looseness and flexibility of the skin in that area, does not migrate or reject as much as many other surface piercings. A piercing that passes through the scrotum, from front-to-back, or from side-to-side, is known as a transscrotal piercing. Multiple hafada piercings are not uncommon as an extension of a frenum ladder.


Hafada piercings are usually pierced with a captive bead ring, a curved barbell or straight barbell.


The healing is relatively uncomplicated and lasts normally between six and eight weeks.



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