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Hafid Bouazza honoured as "Freethinker of the Year" (2014).

Hafid Bouazza (Arabic: حفيظ بوعزة‎, ḥafīẓ būʿazza; 8 March 1970 – 29 April 2021) was a Moroccan-Dutch writer.[1]

Born in Oujda, Morocco, Bouazza came to the Netherlands in October 1977 as a seven-year-old boy. He lived with his parents in the village Arkel, near Gorinchem, until he went to study Arabic language and literature at the University of Amsterdam.[1]

He received the E. du Perron prize for his 1996 debut De voeten van Abdullah (The feet of Abdullah).[2] Later works include Momo and Solomon, in 2001 Een beer in bontjas ("A bear in a fur coat"); the play adaptions Apollien, De slachting in Parijs ("The massacre in Paris") and Othello; and Het monster met de twee ruggen : een kameropera ("The beast with two backs: a libretto"). Bouazza gave the 2002 Mosse Lecture, titled Homoseksualiteit en Islam (Homosexuality and Islam).[3] His 2004 novel Paravion won the 2004 Golden Book-Owl prize.[2] His novel Spotvogel appeared in 2009, after years of silence. Bouazza, an atheist,[1] is known for his criticism of Islam. His sister Hassnae is a noted journalist.[4][5] In 2014, the Dutch freethinkers association De Vrije Gedachte honoured him with the title of "Freethinker of the Year".[1]

Bouazza died in hospital in Amsterdam on 29 April 2021.[6] He had been struggling with poor health and drug use[6]


  • 1996 De voeten van Abdullah (The feet of Abdullah)[7]
  • 1998 Momo (Momo)[7]
  • 1998 Apollien (Apollien)[7]
  • 2000 Schoon in elk oog is wat het bemint (Beauty in each eye is what it loves)[7]
  • 2001 Een beer in bontjas: autobiografische beschouwingen (A bear in a fur coat: autobiographical considerations)[7]
  • 2001 De slachting in Parijs (The massacre in Paris)[7]
  • 2001 Salomon (Salomon)[7]
  • 2002 Rond voor rond of als een pikhouweel (Round for round or as a pickaxe)[7]
  • 2003 Othello (Othello)[7]
  • 2003 Het monster met de twee ruggen : een kameropera (The beast with two backs: a libretto)[7]
  • 2003 Paravion (Paravion)[7]
  • 2005 Het temmen van een feeks (The taming of the Shrew)[7]
  • 2006 De zon kussen op dit nachtuur (Kissing the sun at this hour of the night)[7]
  • 2006 De vierde gongslag (The fourth beat of the gong)[7]
  • 2006 Om wat er nog komen moet : pornografica (Because of what's to come: pornographics)[7]
  • 2009 Spotvogel (Hippolais)[7]
  • 2014 Meriswin[7]


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