Hafiz Muhammad Siddique

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Hafiz Muhammad Siddique (1816-1891) (urdu) حافظ محمدصديق, title 'Hafiz-ul-milat' (حافظ الملت), was a scholar from Sindh and founder of school of thought in Bharchundi Ghotki, Sindh.

Foundation of Bharchundi Shareef[edit]

Hazrat Hafiz Muhammad Siddique laid the foundation of Khanqah Bhar Chundi Sharif as a spiritual centre. Khanqah Bhar Chundi Sharif is situated 3 km in north of Daharki city which is Tehsil of Distt Ghotki in Sindh Province.

For the teachings of Islamic studies an institution was built in which Hazrat Hafiz-ul-Millat used to teach the Quran and other Islamic education daily and continued this practice till his death.The same institution is still functioning.

On 22 January 1891, Hazrat Hafiz-ul-Millat died at the age of 74.