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The Hafizi was a branch of Mustaali Ismailism that believed the current ruler of the Fatimid Caliphate after the reign of Al-Amir Bi-Ahkamillah, Al-Hafiz was also the Imam of the Time as well as his descendants. Hafizi sect disappeared completely soon after the collapse of the Fatimid Caliphate in 567 AH/1171 CE as they joined Taiyabi sect.[1]

List of Hafizi Ismaili Imams[edit]

Al-Hafiz is the son of Abul Qasim Muhammad a son of Al Mustansirbillah and an uncle of Al Musta'alibillah.

  1. Abul-Maymun Abdul Majeed Al-Hafiz Li-Dinillah, b. c1076 - 1149 AD
  2. Abu Mansur Ismail Az-Zafir Bi-Dinillah, b. 1133 – 1154 AD
  3. Abul-Qasim Isa Al-Faiz Bi-Nasrallah, b. 1149 - 1160 AD
  4. Abu Muhammad Abdullah Al-Azid Li-Dinillah bin Yusuf, b. 1149 - 1171 AD, Yusuf was the son of Al Hafiz-li-dinillah.
  5. Abu Sulayman Daud Al-Hamidlillah, d. 1207 AD
  6. Sulayman Badruddin, d. 1248 AD without issue.

Two grandsons of Al-Azid-li-Dinillah are known, they were Abul Qasim Imadadin and Abd al Wahhab Badruddin, known to be alive in 1262 AD as noted by Al Maqrizi.

Ismāʿīlī tree[edit]

Tree of the Ismāʿīlī Shia Islam.

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