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Hafliði Hallgrímsson (born 1941 in Akureyri) is an Icelandic composer, currently[when?] living in Bath, England. Hafliði was the principal cellist of the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, but left that position in 1983 to pursue a full-time career as a composer. In 2008, he became composer-in-residence of the Iceland Symphony Orchestra (through 2010).[1]

In 1970, Hafliði played the (uncredited) cello solo on “Atom Heart Mother” by Pink Floyd.[citation needed]

Selected compositions[edit]

  • Verse I for flute and cello (1975)
  • Poemi for violin and string orchestra (1983)
  • Eight Pieces for wind quintet (1991)
  • Intarsia for wind quintet (1992 revision of Eight Pieces for wind quintet)
  • Rima for soprano and string orchestra (1994)
  • Herma for cello and string orchestra (1995)
  • Crucifixion for orchestra (1997)
  • Mini-stories, music theatre work (1997)
  • Passía for mezzo-soprano, tenor, choir and chamber orchestra (2001)[2]
  • Die Wält der Zwischenfälle, chamber opera (2003)
  • Cello Concerto (2003)
  • Dagbókarbrot (Notes from a Diary) for viola and piano, Op. 33 (2005); dedicated to the memory of Anne Frank
  • Narratives from the Deep North for symphony orchestra, Op. 41 (2009)

Selected recordings[edit]


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