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Hafliði Hallgrímsson (born 1941 in Akureyri) is an Icelandic composer, current living in Bath, UK. Hafliði was the principal cellist of the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, but left that position in 1983 to pursue a full-time career as a composer. In 2008, he became composer-in-residence of the Iceland Symphony Orchestra (through 2010).[1]

In 1970, Hafliði played the (uncredited) cello solo on “Atom Heart Mother” by Pink Floyd.

Selected compositions[edit]

  • Verse I for flute and cello (1975)
  • Poemi for violin and string orchestra (1983)
  • Eight Pieces for wind quintet (1991)
  • Intarsia for wind quintet (1992 revision of Eight Pieces for wind quintet)
  • Rima for soprano and string orchestra (1994)
  • Herma for cello and string orchestra (1995)
  • Crucifixion for orchestra (1997)
  • Mini-stories, music theatre work (1997)
  • Passía for mezzo-soprano, tenor, choir and chamber orchestra (2001)
  • Die Wält der Zwischenfälle, chamber opera (2003)
  • Cello Concerto (2003)
  • Dagbókarbrot (Notes from a Diary) for viola and piano, Op. 33 (2005); dedicated to the memory of Anne Frank
  • Narratives from the Deep North for symphony orchestra, Op. 41 (2009)

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