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Hagai Elad

Hagai El-Ad[1] (or Hagai Elad or Chagai Elad, Hebrew: חגי אלעד; born: October 1, 1969, Haifa) is an Israeli human rights activist who serves as the director general of B'Tselem since May 2014.[2] Prior to that, he was director of the Association for Civil Rights in Israel and the Jerusalem Open House for Pride and Tolerance.

In October 2016, the Security Council held a session on "Settlements as an obstacle to peace and a two-state solution." Also participating in the discussion was El-Ad, who called for an end to the occupation in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.[3] He appeared again before the Security Council, this time in an official session, on October 18, 2018. His appearance before the Security Council is a subject of controversy in Israel.[4][5]


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