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Hagai Levi

Hagai Levi (Hebrew: חגי לוי‎; born 1963 in Sha'alvim, Israel) is an Israeli film and television director, writer, editor, producer and critic.

Film career[edit]

Levi is best known for creating, directing and producing the television drama BeTipul and for producing In Treatment, HBO's American adaptation of the show. Along with Nir Bergman, he won the Israeli Academy's Best Director award for directing BeTipul's first season. He also wrote for the drama series Shabatot Vehagim and edited several telenovelas.

In February 2013, the American cable channel Showtime ordered a television pilot for a series co-created by Levi. Titled The Affair, the series focused on relationships told from the points of view of both men and women. The first episodes of the series was also co-created by fellow In Treatment writer/producer Sarah Treem, but Levi later retired from writing the series, stating that the series took a path different from the one he had envisioned and that Treem was therefore "the best person" to author the show. [1]


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