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Hageland Aviation Services
Hageland Aviation Services logo.png
IATA ICAO Callsign
Ceased operations2008
AOC #EPUA174D[1]
Fleet size33
HeadquartersAnchorage, Alaska, United States
Key peopleJames Tweto, President

Hageland Aviation Services (Defunct) was a regional FAR Part 135 airline based in Anchorage, Alaska, United States.[2] It operated as the Ravn Connect component of Ravn Alaska, serving many destinations throughout Alaska.[3]


The airline was established in 1981 in Mountain Village, Alaska, with a single Cessna 180 aircraft. It was owned by Jim Tweto, president of the airline, and Mike Hageland and had 172 employees (at March 2007).

Frontier Alaska and Hageland combined in 2008 to form the parent company HoTH and rebrand their new services as "Frontier Alaska." The following year, with the acquisition of Era, Frontier Alaska was rebranded as Era Alaska.[4] Operations ceased with the collapse and bankruptcy of Ravn Alaska.



Hageland Aviation Services operated scheduled service to the following destinations in Alaska (as of 2007):[5]

  1. Akiachak (KKI) - Akiachak Airport
  2. Akiak (AKI) - Akiak Airport
  3. Alakanuk (AUK) - Alakanuk Airport
  4. Ambler (ABL) - Ambler Airport
  5. Anchorage (ANC) - Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (Hub)
  6. Aniak (ANI) - Aniak Airport (Hub)
  7. Anvik (ANV) - Anvik Airport
  8. Atmautluak (ATT) - Atmautluak Airport
  9. Atqasuk (ATK) - Atqasuk Edward Burnell Sr. Memorial Airport
  10. Barter Island / Kaktovik (BTI) - Barter Island LRRS Airport
  11. Bethel (BET) - Bethel Airport (Hub)
  12. Brevig Mission (KTS) - Brevig Mission Airport
  13. Buckland (BKC) - Buckland Airport
  14. Chefornak (CYF) - Chefornak Airport
  15. Chevak (VAK) - Chevak Airport
  16. Chuathbaluk (CHU) - Chuathbaluk Airport
  17. Crooked Creek (CKD) - Crooked Creek Airport
  18. Deadhorse (SCC) - Deadhorse Airport
  19. Deering (DRG) - Deering Airport
  20. Eek (EEK) - Eek Airport
  21. Elim (ELI) - Elim Airport
  22. Emmonak (EMK) - Emmonak Airport (Hub)
  23. Gambell (GAM) - Gambell Airport
  24. Golovin (GLV) - Golovin Airport
  25. Grayling (KGX) - Grayling Airport
  26. Holy Cross (HCR) - Holy Cross Airport
  27. Hooper Bay (HPB) - Hooper Bay Airport
  28. Kalskag (KLG) - Kalskag Airport
  29. Kasigluk (KUK) - Kasigluk Airport
  30. Kiana (IAN) - Bob Baker Memorial Airport
  31. Kipnuk (KPN) - Kipnuk Airport
  32. Kivalina (KVL) - Kivalina Airport
  33. Kobuk (OBU) - Kobuk Airport
  34. Kongiganak (KKH) - Kongiganak Airport
  35. Kotlik (KOT) - Kotlik Airport
  36. Kotzebue (OTZ) - Ralph Wien Memorial Airport (Hub)
  37. Koyuk (KKA) - Koyuk Alfred Adams Airport
  38. Kwethluk (KWT) - Kwethluk Airport
  39. Kwigillingok (KWK) - Kwigillingok Airport
  40. Marshall (MLL) - Marshall Don Hunter Sr. Airport
  41. Mekoryuk (MYU) - Mekoryuk Airport
  42. Mountain Village (MOU) - Mountain Village Airport
  43. Newtok (WWT) - Newtok Airport
  44. Nightmute (NME) - Nightmute Airport
  45. Noatak (WTK) - Noatak Airport
  46. Nome (OME) - Nome Airport (Hub)
  47. Noorvik (ORV) - Robert (Bob) Curtis Memorial Airport
  48. Nuiqsut (NUI) - Nuiqsut Airport
  49. Nunam Iqua / Sheldon Point (SXP) - Sheldon Point Airport
  50. Nunapitchuk (NUP) - Nunapitchuk Airport
  51. Pilot Station (PQS) - Pilot Station Airport
  52. Point Lay (PIZ) - Point Lay LRRS Airport
  53. Port Clarence (KPC) - Port Clarence Coast Guard Station
  54. Quinhagak (KWN) - Quinhagak Airport
  55. Red Devil (RDV) - Red Devil Airport
  56. Russian Mission (RSH) - Russian Mission Airport
  57. Savoonga (SVA) - Savoonga Airport
  58. Scammon Bay (SCM) - Scammon Bay Airport
  59. Selawik (WLK) - Selawik Airport
  60. Shageluk (SHX) - Shageluk Airport
  61. Shaktoolik (SKK) - Shaktoolik Airport
  62. Shishmaref (SHH) - Shishmaref Airport
  63. Shungnak (SHG) - Shungnak Airport
  64. Sleetmute (SLQ) - Sleetmute Airport
  65. St. Mary's (KSM) - St. Mary's Airport (Hub)
  66. St. Michael (SMK) - St. Michael Airport
  67. Stebbins (WBB) - Stebbins Airport
  68. Teller (TLA) - Teller Airport
  69. Toksook Bay (OOK) - Toksook Bay Airport
  70. Tuluksak (TLT) - Tuluksak Airport
  71. Tuntutuliak (WTL) - Tuntutuliak Airport
  72. Tununak (TNK) - Tununak Airport
  73. Unalakleet (UNK) - Unalakleet Airport (Hub)
  74. Utqiagvik (BRW) - Wiley Post–Will Rogers Memorial Airport (Hub)
  75. Wainwright (AIN) - Wainwright Airport
  76. White Mountain (WMO) - White Mountain Airport

Accidents and incidents[edit]

On November 8, 1997 Hageland Aviation Services Flight 500 was performed by a Cessna Caravan 675B that crashed. This crash was determined to be caused primarily by pilot error. Please see the NTSB report- http://juneauempire.com/stories/022500/Loc_crash.html. The accident killed all 8 passengers and crew on board.

On December 9, 2002 - During a Raytheon Pre-purchase Flight, a Beechcraft 1900C crashed after running into a mountain in western Arkansas. The accident killed all 3 pilots on board, including Ron Tweto, President of Hageland Aviation Services.

January 6, 2011 A Cessna 208B Grand Caravan passenger plane, registered N715HE, sustained substantial damage in a landing accident at Kipnuk Airport, AK (KPN), U.S. None of the four passengers or two crew members were injured. The airplane operated on Hageland flight 161 from Bethel Airport, AK (BET) to Kipnuk Airport, AK (KPN).

On November 29, 2013, four people were killed when Flight 1453 crashed near the village of St. Mary's. Killed were the pilot, Terry Hanson, 68, and three passengers, all residents of Mountain Village: Rose Polty, 57, Richard Polty, 65, and Wyatt Coffee, five months old. Six more passengers were injured. The flight originated from Bethel.[6]


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