Hagen-Heubing station

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Hagen-Heubing station
Rhine-Ruhr S-Bahn
Through station
BF Hagen-Heubing.jpg
Location Hagen, North Rhine-Westphalia
Coordinates 51°21′08″N 7°25′28″E / 51.352346°N 7.424515°E / 51.352346; 7.424515Coordinates: 51°21′08″N 7°25′28″E / 51.352346°N 7.424515°E / 51.352346; 7.424515
Platforms 2
Other information
Station code 2460
DS100 code EHGI
Category 6[1]
Website www.bahnhof.de
Opened 15 September 1879[2]

Hagen-Heubing station is a through station in the city of Hagen in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The station was opened along with a section of the Düsseldorf-Derendorf–Dortmund Süd railway, opened by the Rhenish Railway Company (German: Rheinische Eisenbahn-Gesellschaft, RhE) between Wuppertal-Wichlinghausen and Hagen RhE station (now Hagen-Eckesey depot) on 15 September 1879. It was closed on 14 May 1950, but reopned in 1968.[3] It has two platform tracks and it is classified by Deutsche Bahn as a category 6 station.[1]

The station is served by Rhine-Ruhr S-Bahn lines S 8 between Mönchengladbach and Hagen twice an hour (with intervals of 20 and 40 minutes alternatively).[4]

Preceding station   Rhine-Ruhr S-Bahn   Following station
S 8
toward Hagen Hbf

The station is also served by four bus routes operated by Hagener Straßenbahn AG: 510 (every 15–30 minutes), 525 (30), 528 (30) and 532 (60).[4]


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