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Location of Hagensborg in British Columbia

Hagensborg, originally named Kristiania,[1] is a small community in the Bella Coola Valley in British Columbia, Canada. Its census population in 2006 was 248.[2] The Bella Coola Valley was already the ancient home to the Nuxálk people when European explorers arrived. Norwegian settlers from Minnesota and Wisconsin arrived in 1894, and under the guidance of the Reverend Christian Saugstad established a colony. The colony was named "Hagen's Borg" after Hagen B. Christensen, the first storekeeper in the area and postmaster from April 1, 1896 to October 14, 1910.[3] ("borg" is Norwegian for a fortress or castle).


Hagensborg is served by Highway 20, which runs from Williams Lake to Bella Coola, at the mouth of the Bella Coola River on North Bentinck Arm. The Bella Coola Airport is located in Hagensborg.


Hagensborg is not incorporated as a municipality. Its local government representation is provided through the Central Coast Regional District (CCRD). CCRD Electoral Areas "C" and "D" each include part of Hagensborg. The eastern portion is part of Electoral Area "C", while the western portion is part of Electoral Area "D".

Provincially, Hagensborg is in the North Coast riding, served by NDP MLA Jennifer Rice.

Federally, Hagensborg is in the riding of Skeena—Bulkley Valley, served by NDP MP Nathan Cullen.

There is a post office in Hagensborg, with postal code V0T 1H0.


Hagensborg is home to the headquarters of School District 49 Central Coast, which administers three local schools (each of which is the only provincial school serving those grades in the Valley), Sir Alexander Mackenzie School (grades 8-12), Nustasum Elementary School (grades 5-7), and Bella Coola Elementary School (grades K-4).

Services and locations of note[edit]

Hagensborg is located centrally with regard to the population distribution of the Bella Coola Valley. As such, it provides some services, such as the airport, ambulance station, cemetery, swimming pool (summer only), Royal Canadian Legion hall and some accommodation and retail that serve the entire Valley. In addition, it is the primary service centre for the eastern end of the Bella Coola Valley, and thus is home to a full-service grocery store, gas station, bed and breakfast, and other commercial services. Hagensborg is home to the Norwegian Heritage House, a preserved house built prior to 1900 by Andrew Svisdahl, an early Norwegian settler in the area. The House has been outfitted as an interpretive centre.


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