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Hagerty Insurance Agency, LLC
Limited liability company
FoundedTraverse City, Michigan
(1984; 35 years ago (1984))
  • Frank Hagerty
  • Louise Hagerty
141 Rivers Edge Drive,
Traverse City, Michigan
United States
Area served
Canada, United Kingdom, United States

Hagerty Insurance Agency, styled just Hagerty, is an insurance company specializing in classic car insurance based in Traverse City, Michigan, in the United States. The company is the leading insurance agency for collector vehicles in the world and host to the largest network of collector car owners.[1] They have also been recognized as "largest insurance agency for collector cars in the United States."[2]


Frank and Louise Hagerty started out as personal lines insurance agents. With a personal interest in vintage boats and classic cars, they had a problem finding insurance coverage for their collectibles. In 1984, the couple started their own agency in the family basement offering agreed value policies for boats. This specialty coverage was a big hit; within a few years, half of all vintage boat owners were Hagerty clients. In 1991, the company added coverage for classic cars, offering a specialty auto policy The company is led today by McKeel Hagerty, son of Frank and Louise.[1]

The company sponsors scholarships to students interested in working in the collector car market. They started this through their former Collectors Foundation in 2005, and continued in partnership with LeMay–America’s Car Museum since 2014.[3] In addition, company employees participate in a program to get hands-on experience restoring classic cars. In one such project in 2013,

123 employees donated 2,750 hours of labor, made 900 telephone calls chasing down parts, worked through 215 lunch breaks, used three tubes of super glue to repair cracked fingertips and, according to the project Web site, uttered "too many four-letter words to count" as they brought a decimated 1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS back to life,

according to the New York Times.[4] The car has been used both to educate employees of the company on what clients experience in restoration, as well as for marketing and promotional purposes. After restoration of the Chevrolet Camaro SS was completed in 2013, the company sent it to the Woodward Dream Cruise and other events.[5]

This experience in working with the details or restoration was touted by Nationwide Insurance when that company partnered with Hagerty in 2014 to offer specialty car insurance.[6] Hagerty has also partnered with Progressive Auto Insurance and Esurance to provide collector car insurance policies to consumers.[2][7] These policies come with a number of restrictions. Insured vehicles cannot be in daily use, and they must be kept in secured storage. The company also places restrictions on the driving records of its policy holders.[8]

Hagerty showcases classic cars at its Traverse City headquarters. For the 50th anniversary of the Ford Mustang, the company displayed the eight convertible of that model built in 1964.[9] In addition, the company publishes a monthly magazine for car collectors, Hagerty Classic Cars (ISSN 2162-8033) that is available online and in print.[10] Hagerty has also partnered with Hemmings Motor News to provide vehicle pricing information for classic cars.[11] They also release lists of cars deemed to be collectible in the future.[12]


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