Shahid Haghani Expressway

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Shahid Haghani Expressway
بزرگراه شهید حقّانی
Route information
Length: 4.2 km (2.6 mi)
Major junctions
Southeast end: AB-Kreuz-grün.svgExpressway in Iran.png Resalat Expressway
Street in Iran.jpg Arabali Street
Northwest end: Square in Iran.png Vanak Square
Major cities: Tehran
Highway system

Highways in Iran


Shahid Haghani Expressway (Highway) is an expressway in Tehran. It starts from Resalat Expressway and ends in Vanak Square.

Haghani Expressway in front of National Library of Iran and the Main Building of Central Bank of Iran
Pfeil unten.svg From Southeast to Northwest Pfeil unten.svg
Expressway in Iran.png
Expressway in Iran.png Resalat Expressway
Street in Iran.jpg Arabali Street
AB-Kreuz-grün.svg Expressway in Iran.png Hemmat Expressway
AB-AS-grün.svg Iran National Library
AB-AS-grün.svg Street in Iran.jpg Naft Street
Tehran Metro Logo.svgTehran Metro Line 1.png Shahid Haghani Metro Station
AB-Kreuz-grün.svg Expressway in Iran.png Modares Expressway
France road sign A17.svg Avenue in Iran.jpg Africa Boulevard
Zeichen 102 - Kreuzung oder Einmündung mit Vorfahrt von rechts, StVO 1970.svg Street in Iran.jpg Gandi Street
Expressway in Iran.png
Square in Iran.png
Vanak Square
Street in Iran.jpg Valiasr Street
Street in Iran.jpg Vanak Street
Street in Iran.jpg Mollasadra Street
Street in Iran.jpg Abbaspour Street
Pfeil oben.svg From Northwest to Southeast Pfeil oben.svg