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Hagibis (meaning "rapidity", "velocity",[1] or "speed"[2] in Tagalog) is one of the first comic book heroes in the history of komiks in the Philippines. Hagibis was created in 1947 by Francisco V. Coching, a Filipino comic book artist and illustrator who is considered as the “father" or "grandfather” of Filipino komiks. Tarzan-like in appearance,[3] the form of Hagibis had also been based on another early Filipino comic book hero, namely Kulafu who was created by another pioneer Filipino comic book artist, Francisco Reyes.[4] Hagibis became one of the longest running serials in the history of Filipino comic books, which was featured for fifteen years in the pages of Liwayway magazine.[4] An example story about Hagibis that appeared in Liwayway magazine was Si Hagibis sa Ibang Daigdig (Hagibis in Another World).[5] Sequels in komiks to the Hagibis series were Anak ni Hagibis (Child of Hagibis) and Si Gat Sibasib (Gat Sibasib).[4] Hagibis was later made into a movie[6] with Fernando Poe, Sr. acting as Hagibis.

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