Hagnesta Hill

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Hagnesta Hill
Kent hagnestahill albumart.jpg
Studio album by
Released6 December 1999 (Swedish version)
28 April 2000 (English version)
Length62:44 (Swedish version)
63:52 (English version)
Kent chronology
Hagnesta Hill
B-sidor 95–00
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic4/5 stars link

Hagnesta Hill is an album by the Swedish band Kent, released in 1999 (Swedish version) and 2000 (English version). For the English version two new songs, "Quiet Heart" and "Just Like Money" were recorded, and "Ett tidsfördriv att dö för" and "Insekter" were left out. This was the second and last English album Kent recorded, as the album's reception (like that of its predecessor, Isola), was not as positive as expected.

Track listing[edit]

Swedish version[edit]

All lyrics are written by Joakim Berg.

1."Kungen är död"Joakim Berg, Martin Sköld4:14
2."Revolt III"Joakim Berg3:10
3."Musik Non Stop"Joakim Berg4:34
4."Kevlarsjäl"Joakim Berg4:26
5."Ett tidsfördriv att dö för"Joakim Berg4:34
6."Stoppa mig juni (Lilla ego)"Joakim Berg6:21
7."En himmelsk drog"Joakim Berg4:03
8."Stanna hos mig"Joakim Berg3:57
9."Cowboys"Joakim Berg5:49
10."Beskyddaren"Joakim Berg4:45
11."Berg & dalvana"Joakim Berg4:48
12."Insekter"Joakim Berg4:08
13."Visslaren"Joakim Berg7:47

English version[edit]

All lyrics are written by Joakim Berg.

1."The King Is Dead"Joakim Berg, Martin Sköld4:17
2."Revolt III"Joakim Berg3:10
3."Music Non Stop"Joakim Berg4:34
4."Kevlar Soul"Joakim Berg4:29
5."Stop Me June (Little Ego)"Joakim Berg6:22
6."Heavenly Junkies"Joakim Berg4:04
7."Stay With Me"Joakim Berg3:58
8."Quiet Heart"Joakim Berg5:25
9."Just Like Money"Joakim Berg4:16
10."Rollercoaster"Joakim Berg4:54
11."Protection"Joakim Berg4:46
12."Cowboys"Joakim Berg4:08
13."Whistle Song"Joakim Berg7:47
14."A Timekill to Die For"Joakim Berg4:37

* The lyrics contained in Rollercoaster (All those memories will be lost in time/Like tears in the rain) are lifted from the penultimate scene of Blade Runner, as spoken by Roy Batty to Rick Deckard. On Kent's previous album Isola, the band also paid homage to the film, as the song "OWC" stands for Off World Colonies and the opening piano line was also from the movie.







Charts (1999-2000) Position
Finland 6 [1]
Norway 9 [2]
Sweden 1 [3]


Charts(2000) Position
Sweden 45[4]


Audio sample[edit]