Hahamishia Hakamerit

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Ha-Hamishia Hakamerit ('Chamber Quintet')
Written by Modi Bar-On, Maxim Ben Zakai, Pazit Daniel, Joe El Dror, Shmuel Hasfari, Etgar Keret, Yoni Lahav, Doron Nesher, Noam Slonim, Asaf Tzipor, Uzi Vile
Directed by Eitan Tzur
Starring Shai Avivi
Rami Heuberger
Keren Mor
Dov Navon
Menashe Noy
Country of origin Israel
Original language(s) Hebrew
No. of seasons 5
No. of episodes 75
Running time 26 minutes per episode
Original network Channel 2
Channel 1
Original release 1993 – 1997

Hahamishia Hakamerit (Hebrew: החמישייה הקאמרית‎, translit. The Kameri Quintet‎) was a weekly Israeli satirical sketch comedy television program created by Asaf Tzipor, who was also the main writer of the show, and Eitan Tzur, who directed the entire run of the show. Hahamishia Hakamerit was broadcast on Israeli Channel 2 and Channel 1 between the years 1993-1997. Later on, reruns of the show were broadcast on the cable channel Bip (channel).

The show's often surreal skits were characterized by a satirical point of view which did not spare the audience sensitive subjects such as politics, national security, the Holocaust and sex.

Another characteristic of the show's sketches was that occasionally they had an unclear point or punch line.

Following the success of the show, similar sketch comedy programs were produced on Israeli television. Unlike Hahamishia Hakamerit's humor, which was considered at the time to be blatant, insensible, full of black humor and cynicism, these subsequent shows followed a line much closer to the Israeli-Jewish mainstream.


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