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Hahn Brewery
IndustryAlcoholic beverage
FounderCharles Hahn
HeadquartersAuburn, New South Wales

Hahn Brewery was established by Dr Charles "Chuck" Hahn in 1988[1] at an old factory site in the suburb of Camperdown in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

It was originally a brewer of premium beers, including Hahn Premium and Hahn Premium Light. The 1991 recession resulted in reduced demand, and forced a rethink of this policy.[1] A more mainstream beer called Sydney Bitter was produced, with reasonable success. It has launched two new beers since then: Hahn Super Dry in 2006 and Hahn Super Dry 3.5 in 2009.

In 1993 the brewery was purchased by an Australia's second largest brewer Lion[2] Chuck was appointed as the Chief Brewer of Lion Co which, at the time, operated eight breweries in Australia and New Zealand and two in China.[1] Production of Hahn beers was moved to the Tooheys brewery in Auburn. The Camperdown brewery itself was renamed to the Malt Shovel Brewery[3] in honour of the 1st fleet convict turned Australia's first brewer, James Squire. To this day, Chuck Hahn still plays a key role in brewing the craft beers at the Malt Shovel Brewery.


Hahn Brewery Current Products [4]
Beer ABV
Hahn Ice Beer 4.6%
Hahn Premium Light 2.6%
Hahn Super Dry 4.6%
Hahn Super Dry 3.5 3.5%
Hahn Ultra 0.9%
Hahn Radler 3.2%
Hahn Brewery Past Products [5]
Beer ABV
Hahn Harvest Premium Ale 4.9%
Hahn Pale Ale 4.6%
Hahn Premium 4.6%
Hahn Premium Australian Pilsener 4.0%
Hahn Special Vintage 2000 Millennium Ale 4.4%
Hahn Vienna Red 4.6%
Hahn White 5.7%
Hahn Witbier 5.2%

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