Hai Bangalore

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Hai Bangalore
(styled as Hai Bangalore)
Editors-in-chief Ravi Belagere
Categories News magazine
Frequency Weekly
Publisher Ravi Belagere
Country India
Based in Bangalore
Language Kannada

Hai Bangalore is a mass circulation weekly Kannada language tabloid published in Bangalore.[1] Its editor is journalist Ravi Belagere, who received a Karnataka Media Award in 2007.[2] The tabloid articles include reports about scandals, scams, affairs, background politics, murders, crime to the public eye, although the accuracy of the reports is often questionable. Apart from these reports, it contains columns and articles about various fields like psychology, sports, science and cinema news.

In 2003, its coverage accounted for 13 of the 46 complaints investigated by a Press Council of India inquiry into defamatory and damaging journalism in the southern states of India.[3]


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