Hai Phong station

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Hai Phong
Ga Hải Phòng
Ga Hai Phong.JPG
LocationNgô Quyền District, Hải Phòng
CoordinatesCoordinates: 20°51′22″N 106°41′15″E / 20.85611°N 106.68750°E / 20.85611; 106.68750
Line(s)Hanoi–Haiphong Railway

Hải Phòng station is one of the main railway stations on the Hanoi–Hai Phong railway in Vietnam. It serves the city of Hai Phong and opened in 1902.[1] It is also the terminus of the Sino-Vietnamese Railway, a French engineered narrow gauge railway completed in 1910, which was the first railway line to the Chinese city of Kunming.


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