Hai Sing Catholic School

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Hai Sing Catholic School
Hǎixīng Tiānzhǔjiào Zhōngxué
Hai Sing Emblem
Pasir Ris
Type Partial-Government-aided, Secondary
Motto Ad Veritatem per Caritatem -To Truth (God) through Charity, in Latin)
Established 1959
Session single session
School code 7031
Principal Mr Daniel Ang
Enrolment 1,444
Colour(s) Blue, white

Hai Sing Catholic School is a secondary school in Singapore founded in 1959 by the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary (FMM) sisters.[1]

The then Hai Sing Girls' High School grew out of a need to provide secondary school education to girls in the rural area of Upper Serangoon. In 1978 it was named one of the 14 outstanding Chinese secondary schools in Singapore.

Hai Sing has gone through several facelifts. In 1981, it was changed from a Chinese medium school to an English medium school. In 1990, the school became a co-educational institution when it moved into Pasir Ris New Town.

Today the pupil enrollment stands at 1,443 in 39 classes. The school has 74 teachers and 18 executive and administrative support staff. Hai Sing Catholic School is affiliated with the Catholic Junior College.

Historical timeline[edit]

1959: Hai Sing Girls' High School was founded by the FMM Sisters under the leadership of Sr. Theresa Tsang.

1965: Sr. Bernadette became acting principal.

1969: Maria Ng took over the principalship.

1978: Hai Sing was named one of the 14 outstanding Chinese Secondary Schools in Singapore.

1981: The school opened its doors to English medium pupils.

1983: Mrs. Angela Ow became principal.

1984: The school celebrated its Silver Jubilee.

1988: Mrs. Lydia Wan took over as principal in January.

1990: In January, the school changed its policy to accept pupils of other races, and boys. The school's name was changed to Hai Sing High School.

1990: In March, the school moved from Upper Serangoon Road to Pasir Ris New Town.

1993: Mr. Sydney Tan became the first male principal.

1992: Official opening ceremony of Hai Sing High School on 11 July

1995: Mr. Adrian Codeiro became the second male principal.

1999: The school changed its name to Hai Sing Catholic School to emphasize its Catholic status. The school emblem was modified.

2000: Mrs. Mary Koh took over as principal in January.

2004: The school celebrated its 45th anniversary.

2006: Mr. Charles L. Surin assumed the leadership role of the school as the principal on 15 December

2009: The school celebrated its 50th anniversary

2010: Mrs. Judina Cheong took over as principal in June.

2014: The school celebrated its 55th anniversary by organizing the 'Hai Carnival 2014'.

2017: Mr Daniel Ang took over as Principal


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